Our physiology is related to our psychology. Our body is a direct reflection of our mind. Our brain is like a CPU. Bites of information is being fed into our brain every minute and the brain at times does not know how to differentiate between physical and emotional aspects of life. For example: in the animal kingdom if a wolf unknowingly swallows a bone while eating the flesh, the brain will create an extra growth of cells to digest that bone. Once the bone is digested the microbes and the immune cells eat away that extra growth of cells. A human mind works in a similar manner. But in human species it is not the bone that needs to be digested. It is that negative piece of information, that abuse, that disgust, that insult that needs to be digested. Since it is an emotion and is not physical, the job of that extra growth is never complete resulting in this extra growth becoming a disease, which in medical science is called stomach cancer.

Similarly different situations in our life and our perception of looking at these incidents create different health issues, and karma healing has a solution for every problem. Be it a muscle tear, bone injury, acidity, blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, cancer, different kinds of allergies, skin diseases, respiratory issues, paralysis or even mental illnesses, there is a solution for all.



Life experiences result in giving rise to different emotions. These emotions form memories. Some memories are memorable and are thought about again and again to bring back that happiness and excitement inside body. Some memories are traumatic. Consciously people want to forget those memories because they do not want to feel that pain again. But the body never forgets anything. It stores the information inside the body in the form of diseases, as diseases are nothing but an extra growth of cells that give pain and tears.

When one is not able to find a solution for the problems externally, the body starts compensating and fights the war internally. Each organ has a specific role to play, both biologically and emotionally.


The job of acid inside the stomach is to digest the food. If there is some undigested food the body creates extra acid to digest the food. But a lot of times there is undigested anger inside the body. The brain does not differentiate between physical and emotional imbalances. So that extra acid results in acidity which is a continuous issue. The more the anger, the deeper and more intense the disease and the pain.

Skin diseases

Skin is a layer of protection on the body, and the skin remembers every touch. The loss of touch and the accompanying fears lead to different skin diseases, like eczema, rashes and allergies, dandruff, urticarial, acne, etc.


Migraines are never ending headaches that generally occur when the drama comes to an end. A person suffering from migraine is always under the fear of failure and thus feeling intellectually unworthy. This unworthiness during the stress phase increases the blood flow in the brain. In the healing phase the blood flow comes back to normal, which results in headaches.

Every disease has a cause and every disease has a cure. Issues like increased cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, anaemia, plasmacytosis, autism, appendicitis, all kinds of cancers, obesity, diabetes, ulcers, vitiligo, tonsillitis, thyroid, anxiety, fibroids, PCOD, prostate, tumours, Alzheimer, asthma, muscle injuries (wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, pelvis, knee, ankle, heel, toes), cervical, arthritis, vertigo, laryngitis and many more can easily be cured by working at the emotional level.

Wealth Consciousness

Abundance is something that everybody wants to enjoy in this physical world. But not all know the correct way of manifesting wealth.

Many times people feel that they deserve more than what they are earning. Some may be earning in great numbers, but are not able to accumulate it due to unforeseen and recurring expenditure. Some people are always under debts. Some people struggling for a stable job, and much more.

These recurring issues are because of the blocks and negative imprints that they are carrying in their DNA from their past lives.With karma healing and regressions one can release all those blocks and manifest abundance in their life.



All relations are equally important to every person on this earth. But with time the essence of the relations fade away. That is because of the relationship karma that people are carrying from their ancestors and from their past lives. Every relation gets affected by karma, be it the relationship with the spouse, parents, children, siblings, friends, or anybody else.

Each and every person is born with a karmic purpose but is not conscious nor aware of it. Once a relationship starts both the individuals share a great rapport with each other. Some relations are for lifetime, some last for a short span, but some eventually end up in a betrayal. This happens due to the fact that each person on this Earth is bound by Karma. Whether it is positive or negative one has to go through the consequences. People keep reincarnating and keep on suffering, creating a never ending relationship karma. This karmic trap affects their beliefs and mind-set and they keep on forming new karmic oaths aggravating the issues with each experience.

With karma healing and regressions they can get to the root of the relationship issue to release the oaths and ultimately break this karmic pattern.


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