Sometimes drama of life makes you forget who you are, what you like and dislike, what are your interests and what's your purpose in life. The Karma Retreat was a transition in my life, a new fresh start and self-awakening. New knowledge which brings answers to so many questions in life and also gives strength to follow the truth. I loved the information I gleaned. Strong deep new meditations were taught, and the most beautiful, mind boggling thing was becoming aware of the secrets of this universe. This is information that you won't find on Google.jo, Youtube or wikipedia. These are not ordinary truths. I believe I am blessed to have met Masters Sumant and Sumeet Kaul in this life. All my gratitude and honor to such great wonderful teachers and also to their lovely supportive family for helping making it happen.
I've had Asthma since I was 5 years old, but I haven't been using the inhaler for the past month. Work has been great, theres a constant flow of clients. I feel so light from inside.I believe I have an extraordinary karma which made me meet Mr Sumant & Mr Sumeet Kaul, and I am grateful for it. They have always been there since day one, helped me and my family throughout all these years, they are always compassionate and very very patient . They never gave up on me and always encouraged me to do the best. Without them I wouldn't be at this level in my career and wouldn't be the girl I am now. They taught me how to love myself, others, how to forgive, how to have patience and how to dream BIG. I'm just too grateful to have them. They are my idols, words cannot describe what's truly in the heart.

I particularly appreciate the emphasis on mindfulness and the practical, everyday dimension of AKCH where every movement, thought, moment in life matters. We have received so much practical information also about how to cultivate a life respectful of all living things and how to access and develop our own potential - this was incredibly helpful and this is something I had been looking for a long time. I also had experiences where I communicated with angels and/or was shown a different 'movie' of reality - such as the multi-dimensionality of existence. At other times in the meditations I received 'protocols' and prayers for various issues I want to work in the future, for instance the process of letting go or connecting with the power of Shakti, where I was shown which chakras I needed to work on and how.
Mr Sumant Kaul and Mr Sumeet Kaul are extraordinary people and I feel truly blessed to have met them and have been taught by them. It was also wonderful to meet so many amazing people in the group, which changed my perception of what community can be about. The nurturing energy that made me feel completely safe and protected was exceptional - I knew only good things could happen to me while I was there (and afterwards) - this helped me release a lot of anxiety about work etc. I learnt even more from their examples and how they 'walk the talk.' There is nothing more powerful than being witness to a mode of life that in every aspect offers gems and important life-lessons to think about.

No words in any language will justify my gratitude for the mentors for sharing the divine knowledge with us. The indescribable experience of tasting the divine nectar!!! I COULD LITERALLY SEE SUMEET SIR'S SUBTLE BODY SO LUMINOUS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME AND WALKING AROUND. For me, seeing a subtle body was a miracle itself.
Also, throughout the course, I felt that I am on some other planet full of divinity and divine bliss. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS TOO MUCH TO GAIN THESE EXPERIENCES AND RESULTS AND I MEAN IT. This is by far the best investment I have made on myself and I am very happy that my family & I decided to do this beautiful Supreme Consciousness Retreat as it can only be experienced and not be read. Immense Gratitude to my mentor Mr Sumant Kaul and my wonderful teacher Mr. Sumeet Kaul for making us experience this divine feeling and knowledge. All my lifetimes good fortune is the reason why I stumbled upon such knowledge, teacher and mentor and also the reason why I decided to spend on myself.

The Retreat has been truly divine. There have been humongous positive changes at such deep levels that it feels blissful; All I can say is that the course has made my life simple. It has opened knots from my mind - problems that I thought were insurmountable have suddenly become a piece of cake, it has given me the strength, dedication & courage to walk the path of morality with so much ease - and believe it or not this has been a very small change as compared to the monumental effect it has had on my life!!
Sumant Sir & Sumeet Sir give you wings to fly and enable you to find a direction that is for your highest and best! I am extremely lucky to have found them & I believe that they are doing God's work here on earth - they are Gods messengers & there is none like them. I feel blessed by the divine itself - Thank You Sumant sir & Sumeet sir for being so compassionate towards us and treating each one of us as your own child!! I am grateful to have found my soul family here at the course - every person has been truly truly amazing! Words can't do justice as to how much Gratitude I feel. For me this course is only the beginning of an enlightening journey. A blissful journey that my limited vocabulary cannot do justice to.

I am born anew The past has faded as if it never existed The future not revealed I am aware of your music mother Earth .....and father Sun There is a spark in the seed As a great master is here to To reveal a great mystery for those who are ready Immense gratitude to Sumeet Sir for decoding the ways of Shiva through wonderful meditations...to my great mentor Sumant Sir for making me ready for this divine knowledge, and for the master enlightenment retreat to happen.

I got many insights during the meditations at the retreat. I felt that healings, release and realisations are happening.AKCH is a course that makes enlightentment the ultimate goal, as it should be. The ultimate goal to know who I am, from where, how, when, why did I came!? I resolved my karmic relationships with my mother, father, my family and ancestors.

The retreat gave me peace of mind as it helped me understand that nothing is impossible and that I have control over my life by controlling my mind and my thinking and that I have the power to change my life to best and highest through God's perceptive My sense of morality became higher and developed more, my mindfulness became stronger, it helped me replace negative ideas and thoughts with positive and strong believes in myself and my abilities, I have confidence and persistent to follow my goals. It also made me find out my true Devine purpose and this brought me so much joy and happiness as well as inner peace .I am 37 years old and for the first time in my life I feel I finally have purpose to my life, I was always wondering what is my skill in life what is my purpose! And now thanks to the retreat and the knowledge I had from the Kaul family I am pursuing and working on developing my skill and using it with the best and highest supreme pure consciousness. On a physical level, I feel energized and full of power, stronger and my body feels much healthier, and lighter , my colon problem seems to have disappeared magically as if it never existed. I had to quit my job to participate in this retreat as my work refused to give me days off...I have no fear, no regret, no worry as I am all confidence that after I finish the advance level I will find a better and more rewarding job and that god is preparing me for a new better and healthier path. The quality of my life is changing on all levels, quality of thought, feelings, and even people in my life, I am much thankful for this chance that I was given, my gratitude to Mr. Sumant and Mr. Sumeet Kaul and Mrs. Raghida and Mrs. Muna for being very cooperative and understanding, my gratitude to God for showing me the path I have to walk on.

Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga course offers precise solutions to human issues, for their highest and best. They offer knowledge based on authentic Trika and Shiva's techniques, combined with Karma Yoga, the key to make efficient and beneficial for the practitioner, the practice of any of those techniques. This rare and complete knowledge we cannot find in any other course.
After the meditation I felt more aware and connected with who I am and what life is. I felt higher level of mental clarity, inner peace, inner satisfaction and fulfilment. Forgotten and suppressed memories and emotions came on the surface, helping me realize and release them.
Mr. Sumant Kaul apart from being an amazing, passionate, loyal human being and wonderful Teacher, is also a great coach who inspires and motivates me and others to take action Now, practicing the teachings that lead to the highest and best. Sumeet Kaul spreads purity and divine energy all around and is a living example of peace, balance and wisdom. Both our Teachers inspire and motivate me towards bettering myself for my own and others highest and best. Practically, I feel more peaceful and I am more focused, balanced and grounded. I know where I have to go in this life. I have a higher level of mental clarity and I feel happier. By practicing their teachings I resolved a lot of grief, sorrow, anger, fear and unforgiveness. My relationships are smoother and better now, I am more detached from my environment.

It is a proud moment for me to share my Son Gurneesh's achievement in his school. He has scored 92.5% in commerce and 100% in History From an average student he is among the toppers of the school. It is all the power of guidance & knowledge from the Masters. healings & regressions done in the classes is making him Genius. I am so amazed to see changes in his focus & concentration level especially after the retreat. My whole family is so happy with his grades & am sooo greatful to Sumant Sir & Sumeet Sir for this great shift in my son's life. God Bless you for the divine knowledge and guidance that you are blessing us with in these wonderful classes.

Thank you from all my heart and soul. Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful family and a loving and wise and nurturing husband and life partner, one more angel in the family and got trained to be and am now a certified self development NLP trainer training corporates and individuals, along with my life partner, with more responsibilities and students of my own, spreading faith and wisdom and light, compassion and healing and collaboration.

Sumant and Sumeet Kaul have helped me tremendously. I have been their student for 8 years now and they have completely changed my life. I believe that my life would have been very different if I had not met them. I have resolved big issues, improved my relationships, my life is more peaceful and joyous and I am more resourceful in dealing with things. Karma Consciousness Healing provides much deeper knowledge than any other class I have done in the past. You realize a lot of things at a very high level that help change your life.The way I see it is that this knowledge uplifts your life. It raises the general level of your life to something that you would not have known is possible. It equips you to handle the things that would arise in a more mindful way. We stayed in meditation for a long time,the longest being 6 hours at one go. I felt peaceful, resourceful, powerful after. I felt a sense of calm. What is special are the amazing meditations, mantras, the powerful knowledge that most people in the world dont have and the very special teachers that we are very lucky to have in this life.

In November 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 larynx cancer and was advised total laryngectomy that means removal of the entire voice box. Meanwhile, my sister sessions with Sumeet Kaul. The doctors had explained that after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation the remaining right vocal cord would only allow me to speak with a soft whisper or not even that. After the personal healing sessions, I developed an Edema (a swelling) which acted like my left vocal chord and further enabled me to speak once again whereas Where the Doctors had stated that my voice would not be more than a whisper. With the help of sessions with Sumeet have allowed me to speak up with a voice louder than a mere whisper.

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