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Heal the Injury Faster

Healing is not a substitute for physiotherapy. It is a process which leads to a faster recovery in healing the injury faster. Athletes at all levels should take healings for longer, pain-free and stress-free career. It not only heals the injury faster but also boosts the immune system and strengthens the muscles.

The life of a sportsperson is extremely exhausting in all aspects, be it physical, mental or emotional. A lot of times it is the injuries that lead to poor performance. Sometimes the prolonged and recurring injuries become so excruciatingly painful that they leave the person completely distraught and helpless. Even after the muscle is healed the person suffers from constant pain and soreness. This happens because even though the muscle has been physically treated, the energy is still stuck in the injured area. This energy causes the muscle to get injured again and again, sometimes ruining the career. Healing thus eradicates the cause that led to the injury, thus leading to heal the injury faster.

With the help of karma healing and energy healing, the healer gets to the root of the issue and releases the blocked energy thus resolving the issue completely. Energy healing gives instant relief to the pain, thus leading to a quick recovery and also one does not have to go through the pain and soreness that occur later-on when the muscle is exerted upon.


How can we heal sports injuries through healing?

Karma source memory healing and energy healing are two ways through which all kinds of diseases and injuriescan be healed. With the help of healing techniques practiced in meditation the injuries can be healed much faster as the healing happens in the mind. Sports injuries are basically issues of the skeletal system i.e. the bones and the muscles. The bones and muscles create the basic structure of the body. With the help of karma healing the issue is resolved from the root by releasing the emotion causing the injury and with the help of energy healing the pain is released by releasing the blocked energy.

What are the benefits of healing for a sports person?

  • It heals the injury faster as it reduces the pain and the swelling giving a flow of relaxation

  • It provides a faster recovery after a serious injury or a surgery

  • It prevents the injury from re-occurring.

  • One does not have to go through the phase of pain that occurs on exerting the muscle even after the injury is completely healed.

  • It is a pain free process with no side effects.

  • There is an instant relief from pain.

  • Faster strengthening of the injured muscle.

  • It helps heal stiffness and muscle soreness.

  • It can be used as a regular recovery treatment for the body both on and off season. It can heal not only physical injuries but also the emotional traumas that might be disturbing and shattering the confidence of the player.

  • It makes the player feel more composed, calm and relaxed.

  • It also helps in having better focus and concentration during the match, thus contributing to a better performance.

  • It increases the physical as well as psychological stamina of the player providing an extra boost in the performance.

  • It brings body in balance by aligning the energy centres.

Regular energy healing and meditation can help the player have a better focus, concentration and confidence during the match, can heal injury faster and also prevent any future injuries, giving the player a long career. Although the whole body is at risk of injury in sports, some of the most common injuries are sprains and strains, tennis elbow, hamstring pull, groin pull, knee injury, back issues and much more.


Emotional injuries

Not just physical injuries but healing can also help one in overcoming many fears and mental pressures. It is very common for a player to not perform to his/her best in all matches. A lot of times one experiences lack of performance due to various factors. Whatever the reason might be, it leaves a huge impact on the player’s mind deteriorating his/her confidence and self-esteem. In such scenarios, the reason leading to this lack of performance gradually becomes a fear. Some players feel pressurised merely by coming to know that they are playing against the top seed. Constantly losing to the same player again and again just because of not performing well on a specific day is a common phenomenon. It is definitely a bad day sometimes but it cannot always be with the same opponent. In such a case there is a deeper issue that needs to be resolved for better and faster career growth. Karma healing is the solution to all such problems as it helps in releasing the person free of the deepest fears and anxieties that leads to poor performance.


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