Science of Consciousness & Karma Yoga

Basic (Level 1) covers the following
1. Law of karma and learn how to manage it.
2. Heal mental and physical health issues.
3. Knowledge of brain waves, their frequency and their effect on hormones in our body.
4. Knowing Chakras. How they affect us. How to balance them and remove blocks.
5. Aura scanning.
6. Body scanning.
7. Awakening 8th chakra and reaching Samadhi State.
8. Karma healing technique.
9. Remove evil eye and psychic hooks in self and others.
Advance (Level 2) covers the following
1. Mastering health karma.
2. Positive and uplifting affirmations.
3. Magical Pyramid manifestation technique.
4. Secrets of karma yoga.
5. Resolving past negative karmas.
6. Past life regression.
7. Healing technique for instant success.
8. Karma healing technique.
9. Healing family consciousness and Ancestral defects


  • Enlightenment Retreat
  • Health and Vitality Retreat
  • Shiva Retreat

Enlightenment Retreat

In Karma Enlightenment Retreat we discover and witness the journey of our soul in this as well as past lives. Role of karma in various lives and their effect in this life. Learn to resolve them and be free of their considerations.

Secrets of destiny and circumstances. How they are created and how we can now heal and alter them to our best.

Dramas of relations we are bound in. Witnessing the origin of issues in our relations and working to empower them.

Practice different types of meditations to enter the trance.

Know and witness through meditations the power of nothingness. Knowing Shiva that IS and Shiva that is NOT. Revelations of the truth of universe and the karma of earth.

Health and Vitality Retreat

Health and Vitality Retreat is divided into 3 levels each spread over 6 days. Total 18 days.

It gives the indepth knowledge of your body and yourself. You learn to heal and instantly heal during the course.

Various disorders in our body. How they get created and convert into diseases thus affecting our life journey.

Introduction to various programs and situations which lead to creation of disease and how these can be avoided and healed.

Practice long meditations spread over 3 to 6 hours almost daily.

Level 1

  • Learn the models of our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds.
  • Heal phobias through mind training and mind exercises.
  • Practice karmic source memory healing on each other with 1 to 1 sessions.
  • Practice past life regressions on each other and heal issues instantly

Level 2

Teaches to improve health in the 3 realms of body and mind.

  • It covers introduction to the system of human body.
  • The Master Cleanse.
  • Parasite cleanse.
  • Liver and gall bladder cleanse.
  • Learn technique of Energy Healing to get instant relief from any kind of pain.
  • Human skeleton system. Functions, issues, their programs and how to heal them.
  • Muscular system. Functions issues and ways to heal.
  • Nervous system and the Brain. Functions issues and ways to heal depression, Alzheimer, bi-polar, brain cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Healing pain in lower back arthritis shoulder pain knee joints pain.

Level 3

  • Meridians in our body and their associated physical issues.
  • Release of Karmic Oaths.
  • Heal diseases of Endocrine system - thyroid cancer, diabetes and pancreatic cancer.
  • Heal diseases of Eyes and Ears.
  • Heal diseases of Nose.
  • Heal diseases of Skin.
  • Healing Respiratory System.
  • Healing Heart and Cardiovascular System.
  • Importance of Lymphatic System and it's healing.
  • Importance of Digestive system and it's healing.
  • Importance of Urinary and Excretory systems and their healing.
  • Diseases connected with Reproductive System and healing diseases connected with it.

Shiva Retreat

In the Shiva Retreat we discover the presence of God which is a mystery to most in this universe. These 14 days are for people looking for Shiva. The secret of God will be revealed. What is God? Who is God? What is this concept of God? Where is this God?

60,000 years back Shiva ‘what is not’ manifested itself into a human form as the first meditator on earth – Adiyogi Shiva.

In this retreat universe will be concealed and God will be revealed. Why does Shiva choose to play this game.

Visarga – the concept of Trikha philosophy, talks about the power of revealing and the power of concealing.

Shiva Stotras – the highest knowledge intending to explain the game of Shiva. All these mysteries are going to be revealed and taught by the masters along with long meditations.

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