Self Image

Self Image

The personality of an individual is reflected by his self-image. This self-image is based on a person’s perception of his abilities and talents. Past failures and limited achievements contribute towards creation of the self-image.

This isolated and failure type personality can be altered and improved if work is done on one’s inner self.

Memories of past experience are stored in the unconscious mind that play a pivotal role in creating one’s self image and his belief system. The belief system keeps on manifesting situations in life that do justice with one’s self-image. This means that the external world is a reflection of the inner mind. If one is happy and successful, he is more or less bound to experience happiness and success. If one is sad and faces failure, he would continue to have a feeling of failure and feel dejected in different aspects of his life.

It is possible to change this belief system but requires some psychological work for such belief system. Positive thinking does wonders with majority individuals. Some individuals have strong will power to change themselves with a conscious thought, but this is not true for all. Conscious thinking works when it is consistent with one’s self-image. If it is inconsistent it cannot bring changes in one’s life and personality.

To change the self-image it is important to understand and realise the issue behind it. Every effect has a certain cause behind it and it is thus important to understand the cause of the present effect. It is also important to understand the inner mind of an individual and train the mind within time and space, age and that particular moment, when the cause was created. By altering the cause and mentoring the inner child the effect can be changed, thus changing the self-image, giving the person a new personality and a new life.

This can be achieved by healing the traumas with the help of KARMA HEALING and follow KARMA YOGA. Give yourself a chance to heal and give birth to a new personality hidden inside for years.

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