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Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions

How beneficial are Past Life Regressions?

A lot of times people face problems in their life that have no direct connection with their ancestral karma and as a result they are not able to find the origin of that problem. Many phobias originate from the previous lifetimes.Past life regression includes soul past life as well as genetic past life; which means life of one of the ancestors. It is found that the events and experiences of the previous lifetimes make the person form some karmic oaths that he is still holding onto in this lifetime, inviting multiple issues in life.

Past life regressions are done to release those karmic oaths and get the self-realization for faster healing and a better future. It allows the person to overcome his fears and resolve his problems. It brings answers to hundreds of those questions that otherwise would be left unanswered.

Past life regressions allow the person to bring back the past life talents and skills. It allows the person to bring back the positive virtues that he had in his previous lifetimes.

This process of past life regression brings solutions to all kinds of problems that a person might be facing in life.

Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul, by regressing and healing people all over the world has helped them resolve the issues of their life, openingnew doors towards a successful future.

Today, not only in India, but probably all Regression Therapists worldwide have repeatedly discovered and found that Past Life Regression has cured their client from the root and thus have conclusive evidence for the validity of Law of Karma.

It is also being felt in the western countries that a huge army of doctors and therapists with training in Past Life Regression is now necessary to be able to cure patients permanently.

Past Life Regressions

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