What is Meditation?

Meditation is a relaxation technique to calm the conscious mind to enable one to be able to communicate with the unconscious mind and find the deepest truths about self.
It improves focus and compassion. It brings a great level of awareness in the meditator. Meditation helps increase problem solving capacity. Meditation and mindful practices lead to low stress levels, positivity and creativity as well as clear focus.

Samadhi State

Samadhi is a state of mind where the brain wave frequency is lower than zero. By tapping into the Samadhi state, one finds one’s true reality, the reason for one’s existence, to discover who one actually is. Once that level of awareness is achieved all the karmas get resolved automatically.

This state of mind is only achievable if one follows the 12 virtues and the 11 steps of karma yoga.

What is Samadhi Meditation?

Samadhi meditation, also called the eighth chakra meditation, is one of the 112 meditation techniques that comes from the 60,000-year-old secret meditations. By regularly practising samadhi meditation one can tap into the samadhi state. Through this meditation one can experience union with the divine.

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How is Samadhi Meditation different from other healing modalities?

All meditation techniques come from the 112 techniques of Shiva from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. All these techniques are wonderful for relaxation, but they cannot resolve our karmas since these techniques are performed in higher brain frequencies like alpha and theta. Samadhi meditation is the only technique in the world that lowers our brain frequency to such an extent that one can resolve one’s karmas.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Our body releases anti-aging hormones. During meditation our pineal gland gets activated and secretes melatonin, which controls the hormonal system and decelerates aging.

  • Deep relaxing hormones like endorphins and happy hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are released.

  • It helps in overcoming anxiety and stress.

  • It leads to mind and body rejuvenation.

  • Our decision making abilities, memory and attention improve to a great extent.

  • It helps in overcoming anger and fear.

  • It reduces the risk of diseases, as nitric oxide gets released during meditation opening the blood vessels and thus improving the blood circulation.

  • It helps attain a calm and peaceful state of mind.


What does meditation lead to?

It is known to people that meditation is practised to attain a state of relaxation and peace. That is true, but there is much more to it. If you dig the hole a little deeper you will find the treasure that everyone has been looking for all their lives.The intention of meditation is to become aware of energy, enter turya, and awaken kundalini.

  • By becoming aware of energy, one can come to know exactly when there is an external energy around him/her that can be harmful. The person becomes more attuned to the energy of the places they visit. Moreover this awareness also helps us stay safe from psychic attacks and evil eyes.

  • By entering into turya one can work on his/her karma and transform his/her life. This is the state where miracles happen. This transcendence state is the key to successful meditation.

  • Once the basic form of kundalini is awakened, the person is able fulfil all his/her desires in this physical world and enjoy bliss and ananda of materialistic world.


What else can be achieved through meditation?

Other than healing, health, wealth and relationship, meditation and healing techniques can also help quit addictions, release all kinds of fears and phobias.


Chakras are the energy centres inside our body that run along the spine. Each chakra holds memories, feelings and emotions about different organs of the body. Starting from the base of the spine, going upwards there are seven chakras inside the body and a few are outside the body. The basic Samadhi meditation works on eight chakras. These are:

  • Root chakra (Muladhara)
  • Sacral/Sexual chakra (Swadishthan)
  • Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)
  • Heart chakra (Anahata)
  • Throat chakra (Vissudha)
  • Third eye chakra (Ajna)
  • Crown chakra (Sahasrara)
  • Eighth chakra or the Soul Star chakra

All the chakras have their distinctive roles in regulating the organs of the body and in leading a healthy life. Imbalance of these chakras leads to different physical and emotional issues. It is important to balance the chakras for manifesting good health, wealth and relationships in life.
Samadhi meditation and karma healing are the ways of achieving this goal.


The Power of Mantras

Mantras are sounds or combination of sounds that were revealed to the ancient saints and yogis in Samadhi State. The power of mantras is in the vibration of the sound when the mantra is chanted. When practised enough one can meditate on the mantras, in Samadhi State creating miracles in one’s life.

Chanting these traditional old mantras is specifically powerful. The tapasya (intense mindful practice) of saints and yogis has given these mantras a special vortex, a dimension of prayers and blessings. By chanting these mantras correctly one can tap into that dimension of bliss.

Different meditations that you can learn in higher classes

  • Healing meditation Lightening meditation Lotus stem meditation Hollow meditation Bliss meditation Chant meditation Closing meditation Colour meditation Weightless meditation Past experience meditation Exhaustion meditation Piercing meditation Absence meditation End of mind meditation Etheric meditation Inner guide meditation Void meditation Heal fear meditation Love meditation Candle meditation

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