Karma Yoga

What is Karma?

Karma means action and this action starts right from one’s thoughts. Karma is positive as well as negative but is influenced by a lot of factors at every step in life.

What is Karma Yoga?

Science of consciousness and karma yoga is a technique through which one can know the consequences of one’s action before taking the action. Then the karma yogi has the choice of either taking the action or sometimes even avoiding it. This enables the karma yogi to choose the option that is the highest andthe best for him/her so that he/she can enjoy happiness, good health, abundance and wonderful relationships.


What is Mindfulness?

Meaning of Mindfulness

  • To understand and be aware of the actions that have been taken in past, present and future.
  • To be sensitive about feelings and emotions of people around.
  • To go beyond the grief and sorrow of this earth.
  • To be in peace always.

But how can one reach this state of being mindful?

This state of mindfulness can only be reached if one is aware of his/her actions and has achieved a peaceful state of mind, which can only be achieved if one follows karma yoga and works on oneself.


Power of Thought

Thought process plays a major role in shaping one’s life. Whatever a person thinks becomes a reality. This is because most of the decisions and actions in daily life depends on the emotions that a person is carrying at the time of action. And the emotions take birth because of the thought form. Both positive and negative thought forms leave a great impact on a person’s life. So it is really important that one always thinks positive.

Positive thinking can change our life. But is positivity simply enough to do that?

Thoughts have great influence on one’s life and it is really important to think positive. But how long can positive thinking sustain if the roots have negativity. Positive thinking cannot be used as a patch on the same old self-image. Thoughts which are inconsistent and do not match with the belief system are rejected by the unconscious mind. Ego does not let that information get in. But once work is done on roots and basic mind-set changed, thus transforming self-image, then this positive thinking works like icing on the cake.


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