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Karma Healing

3 Methods of Healing

  • Karma Source Memory Healing
  • Karma Energy Healing
  • Karmic Regression

Karma Source Memory Healing

Karma Source Memory Healing taught by Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul, son of Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul is a healing technique practised in meditation through which all health, wealth and relationship issues can be healed in a few sessions. In this technique the person goes to the source memory of the issue to resolve it completely.

Why Karma Source Memory Healing is important and how is it more effective than other techniques?

Karma healing is a technique of observing the past and releasing the feelings and emotions from the mind and body that are harmful and a hindrance in one’s success. It is a technique through which a person gets the realization and learning from the past that helps him/her to move forward in life. Karma healing technique is like a metaphysical and emotional surgery wherein the memories are healed by throwing the negative garbage out of the mind.

Once the healing is done, these memories of past contribute as a learning experience and helps a person in the future.


Karma Energy Healing

Energy healing is a technique to heal the pains instantly by releasing the blocked energy and to flow the healing energy inside the body. Energy healing must be followed with karmic healing to heal the issue from the root. Protocol is 4-6 sessions. This is because energy healing is like dusting off the dust particles from the belongings. But along with that it is important to close the window to stop any further dust from coming inside. Similarly, karmic healing is like closing the windows to stop the dust from coming back again and again. If that is not done, we will keep on dusting the entire day and then it will be never ending process. Same applies for a human body. Along with releasing the pain, it is important to release the cause of the pain.


Pitru Dosha

A) What is Pitru Dosha and how does one’s ancestors’ karma affect one’s life?

A family is like a tree and every member of that family is like a branch of that tree. The strength of the branch depends on the roots of that tree. Similarly, the life of the progeny depends a lot on the karma of the family and ancestors. To eliminate problems from one’s life permanently the person sometimes has to work on the roots, which means their ancestors. Working on the ancestors enables one to get rid of Pitru Dosha completely.

A lot of times the ancestors may have gone through some traumatic incidents and their grief may still be unresolved. Out of sympathy and loyalty their progeny unconsciously takes on their karma inviting unnecessary issues in their lives without even knowing what the result would be.

Divorce, migration, wars, acts of violence, early deaths, maternal deaths, abortion, miscarriage, diseases, fraud, etc., all affect the family karma. The only way of healing these issues and coming out of these traps is karma healing and karma yoga.

Adding to this is the family healing which is specifically designed in a way that will help one to completely get rid of PitruDosha and resolve the issues of life bringing peace and happiness in the family.

B) How to identify that one is suffering from Pitru Dosha ?

To get rid of PitruDosha it is important that one is aware of its symptoms. PitruDosha leads to unfavourable environment in the house.

  • There may be fights in the family over trivial matters.
  • Children may be born with diseases.
  • There may be issues in the child getting married.
  • Family may go through financial losses and debts.
  • All mental illnesses.

These are some of the common issues that are faced by people suffering from PitruDosha.

C) Do rituals performed to get rid of Pitru Dosha really work?

In ancient times, priests used to perform special prayers and rituals to help people get rid of Pitru Dosha and these prayers ushered in results. But in the present era even these rituals are not able to help people wholly. The issues in life are increasing with each passing day and this is because of the increased Pitru Dosha in the families. In previous times, people were well aware of the causes and symptoms of Pitru Dosha and they knew special prayers for the eradication of the same. But with time the knowledge and awareness about Pitru Dosha is fading away, resulting in more and more suffering.

Only a priest whose Kundalini is awakened is able to perform the rituals and prayers of Pitru Dosha successfully.


How beneficial are past life regressions?

A lot of times people face problems in their life that have no direct connection with their ancestral karma and as a result they are not able to find the origin of that problem. Many phobias originate from the previous lifetimes. Past life regression includes the soul’s past life as well as the genetic past; which means life of one of the ancestors. It is found that the events and experiences of the previous lifetimes make the person form some karmic oaths that one is still holding onto in this lifetime, inviting multiple issues in life.

Past life regressions are done to release those karmic oaths and get the self-realization for faster healing and a better future. It allows the person to overcome his/her fears and resolve his/her problems. It brings answers to hundreds of those questions that otherwise would be left unanswered.

Past life regressions allow the person to bring back the past life talents and skills. It allows the person to bring back the positive virtues that he/she had in his/her previous lifetimes.

This process of past life regression brings solutions to all kinds of problems that a person might be facing in life.

Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul, by regressing and healing people all over the world has helped them resolve the issues of their life, is opening new doors towards a successful future.

Today, not only in India, but probably all regression therapists worldwide have repeatedly discovered and found that past life regression has cured their clients from the root and thus have conclusive evidence for the validity of Law of Karma.

It is also being felt in the western countries that a huge army of doctors and therapists with training in past life regression is able to cure patients permanently.


What does manifestation mean and how powerful is it?

Sometimes, people desire a few things in life which they feel are difficult for them to achieve because it is not in their destiny. Manifesting for such desires is like making a prayer in Samadhi state and planting a new seed in life, which will definitely bear fruits one day.

The power of manifestation depends on the power of belief that a person is holding on regarding that manifestation. High self-esteem is the key to successful manifestation.

Different manifestation techniques can be used for manifesting good health, wealth, business, eternal soul mate and those multiple unfulfilled desires.

Misconception about meditation and healing techniques

Meditation and healing techniques are not magic. It is a technique which is used to heal life by going into a day-dreaming state of mind. It is a gradual process. It is not difficult to achieve that state of mind and execute the healing, but it requires dedication, faith and patience. Once the state of mind is achieved the healing can be done in a few minutes. Then it is for the brain to process the healing and bring changes in life. The speed of healing depends on the faith that the client is coming with.

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