internal error Hamstring pull: A common sports injury

Hamstring Pull

Hamstring pull: A common sports injury

One of the most common injuries in the world of sports is the hamstring pull, especially during matches. These injuries are very well treated physically, but once they find a way of reaching us they keep on coming again and again. These injuries are like guests whom we never even want to greet, but still have to serve them every few days. But what if we find out a way of not letting these injuries enter our body again and again.

Our mind is super intelligent. But it does not understand the difference between external and internal i.e. the situation outside the body and inside the body. When something happens in the external world the mind makes changes inside the body to handle the situation

If one feels that he is stuck and is not able to move forward in life, the mind will expand the leg muscles in order to help by increasing the elasticity of the muscle so that one is able to move, but this expansion results in a pull.

For a sportsperson, this feeling of not being able to move forward is very common. A player can feel like that if he is losing matches, losing his rank, not performing well, not succeeding or physically not able to run and move around as per the requirement.

Once the mind starts reacting to these thoughts it becomes a pattern. Each time this thought comes it will bring the injury along, perceiving it as the solution. But injuries affect ones performance and career which results in more unworthiness and feeling of lack aggravating the injury.

This becomes a never ending process unless treated through the mind. To stop these recurring injuries the inviting thought pattern needs to be thrown out of the mind. Once these thoughts, feelings and emotions are released and the inner child is mentored, these pulls and injuries stop occurring.

Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga bring you KARMA SOURCE MEMORY HEALING and ENERGY HEALING that can help you recover from such injuries faster and healing them in a way so they never come back.


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