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Pitru Dosha

Get Rid of Pitru Dosha

A)What is Pitru dosha and How is ones Ancestor’s Karma affecting his life?

A family is like a tree and every member of that family is like a branch of that tree. The strength of the branch is depending on the roots of that tree. Similarly the life of the progeny depends a lot on the karma of the family and ancestors. To eliminate problems from one’s life permanently the person sometimes have to work on the roots, which means their ancestors. Working on the ancestors enables one to get rid of Pitru Dosha completely.
A lot of times the ancestors have gone through some traumatic incidents and their grief is still unresolved. Out of sympathy and loyalty their progeny unconsciously takes on their karma inviting unnecessary issues in their life without even knowing what the result would be.
Divorce, migration, wars, acts of violence, early deaths, mat¬ernal deaths, abortion, miscarriage, diseases, fraud, etc all affect the family karma. The only way of healing these issues and coming out of these traps is Karma Healing and Karma Yoga.
Adding to this is the Family Healing which is specifically designed in a way that will help one to completely get rid of Pitru Dosha and resolve the issues of life bringing peace and happiness in the family.

B) How to identify that one is suffering from Pitru Dosha ?

To get rid of Pitru Dosha it is important that one is aware of the symptoms of Pitru Dosha.
Pitru Dosha leads to unfavourable environment in the house.

  • There may be fights in the family over small matters.
  • Children may suffer from diseases since birth.
  • There may be issues in the child getting married.
  • Family may go through financial losses and debts.
  • All mental illnesses.

These are some of the common issues that are faced by people suffering from Pitru Dosha.

C) Rituals are performed to Get Rid of Pitru Dosha, but does it really work?

In ancient times, priests used to perform special prayers and rituals to help people get rid of Pitru Dosha and these prayers were bringing results. But in the present era even these rituals are not able to help people wholly. The issues in life are increasing with each passing day and this is because of the increased Pitru Dosha in the families. In previous times, people were well aware of the causes and symptoms of Pitru Dosha and they knew special prayers for the eradication of the same. But with time the knowledge and awareness about Pitru Dosha is fading away, resulting in more and more suffering.

Only a priest whose Kundalini is awakened is able to perform the rituals and prayers of Pitru Dosha successfully.

Get rid of pitru dosha

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