Feelings and emotions take birth out of past experiences and childhood memories, as vision plays a stronger role than intellect in influencing the mind. Conscious mind acts and reacts on the basis of the information stored in the unconscious mind. Unfortunately, unconscious mind does not have the choice of rejecting any piece of information on its own. It accepts the memory as it is, however there may be different perceptions of a single memory.

A person who has experienced an abusive childhood will have a different personality and a different lifestyle than the one who has always been pampered.

Some of the childhood memories are like time bombs, waiting for the trigger to create a chronic disease out of it. These diseases are nothing but a way of fighting the situation internally. These diseases are signals from the mind that deep within there is something traumatic that needs to be wiped off. But no one ever realizes it.

Diseases are actors on screen, but there is much more that is going on back stage which remains unnoticedthe entire life.

KARMA YOGA and KARMA HEALING are gateways to heal those forgotten traumas in order to have a healthy future.

Be a Karma Yogi and execute Karma Healing and Energy Healing to live a healthy life.

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