Work does not check up on climate. For a sportsperson it does not matter how hot or cold it is outside. In majority of sports, a player needs to perform at his best irrespective of the weather and needs to make sure that the weather...


Feelings and emotions take birth out of past experiences and childhood memories, as vision plays a stronger role than intellect in influencing the mind. Conscious mind acts and reacts on the basis of the information stored in the...


The personality of an individual is reflected by his self-image. This self-image is based on a person’s perception of his abilities and talents. Past failures and limited achievements contribute towards creation of the self-image...

ACT TODAY - do not waste the precious years of your life

A lot of times people say that “we are always so positive, then why do we have to face so much negativity and suffering in life”. But they don’t realize that this positive thinking is just a new patch on the same old cloth, and ...

HAMSTRING PULL - A common sports injury

One of the most common injuries in the world of sports is the hamstring pull, especially during matches. These injuries are very well treated physically, but once they find a way of reaching us they keep on coming again and again...

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