Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Work does not check up on climate. For a sportsperson it does not matter how hot or cold it is outside. In majority of sports, a player needs to perform at his best irrespective of the weather and needs to make sure that the weather does not adversely impact the performance. Extremely humid or windy climatic conditions generally tend to affect the sportsperson both psychologically and physically, thus influencing the on-field performance. The toughest weather conditions for a player to perform are hot and humid conditions.

Reportedly, 2018 has been tracked as one of the warmest yearsglobally. The US Open tennis tournament has turned out to be one of the toughest slams ever due to extreme hot and humid conditions with the ‘extreme heat policy’ being invoked in majority of matches. Novak Djokovic (Serbian tennis player) in one of his post-match interview, admitted that US Open can be ranked as the ‘sweatiest slam ever’. The heat and humidity excruciated even the best players on the planet. The effect of the weather on the player’s performance in the matches was clearly evident from their physical condition and body language.

As an individual does not really have any control over the external influences, let us find out a way that can help an individual to tackle such external influences in best possible manner to stay focused and energized.

In such situations, energy healing can prove to be an asset and act as a shield for the physical body in countering the external influences and enable a sportsperson to perform at his best even in challenging climatic conditions. If taken before the match, energy healing helps the player stay energized and feel less drained. If taken after the match,it helpsin healing of the muscles to enable the player recover faster for the next match. Energy healing boosts the immune system and heals the body recover naturallyin a much faster way. Furthermore, energy healing also prevents any future injuries and muscle damages, keeping the sportsperson fit and energized allowing himto perform at his best.

Incorporate ENERGY HEALING in your routine and feel the difference yourself.

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