internal error Act today : do not waste the precious years of your life

Act today

Act today : do not waste the precious years of your life

A lot of times people say that “we are always so positive, then why do we have to face so much negativity and suffering in life”. But they don’t realize that this positive thinking is just a new patch on the same old cloth, and this does not serve the purpose.

Think of your thoughts like this: There is a plastic container attached with you on the side. A portion of it was pre-filled with sand and flowers when you were born. Sand being the negative thoughts and flowers being the positive thoughts. This container is pre-filled by the thoughts and actions of your ancestors. When you start adding your thoughts to the container by saying “I hope, I’ll try, I’m sorry”, the container gets filled with the sand. These thoughts make you hope, try and feel sorry all your life.

Now at the age of 18 for example, you change your thoughts and fill the container with thoughts like “I believe, I’ll do it, forgive me”, you expect results from the first day itself. But remember, for the past so many years you have been filling only sand, so your life becomes like sand. The more you want to control it, more you lose your grip over it. This dust in your life steals the essence of those bits of flowers which came along. Now you have to wait for the container to be empty of all the sand it contained before you can enjoy the essence of the flowers in your life.

But if you wait for the sand to finish you will end up wasting so many precious years of your life.

To eliminate this sand indulge yourself in KARMA HEALING by learning Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing and speed up the process by releasing those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions

Let those flowers come to you in your early age so that you enjoy your life to the fullest.


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